Considering the many different factors that affect the skin and its ability to function properly, it can be quite challenging to self diagnose your own skin's conditions and needs. Skin Junkie's fully customized treatments are designed to properly identify your skin type and address your concerns in order to improve its overall health and appearance. Leave the guess work to the expert!

For first time clients, a detailed history of past skin treatments, diet & lifestyle choices, current concerns and product usage will be discussed. This will allow for a better understanding of your expectations and how to successfully achieve your skin goals. A solid foundation of the right products for your skin type will be recommended. Healthy skin starts at home and your professional treatments will only yield excellent results if you are current with the proper home care routine. Think of it like this - you don't reap the benefits of going to the gym if you don't feed yourself a healthy, nutritious diet. Therefore, your professional maintenance treatments only work if you're using what your skin requires to maintain balance in between.

Skin care is not a luxury - it is a necessity and it requires commitment. But, it doesn't have to break the bank either. Do you prefer a simple regimen? Or are you a product junkie? Either way, there is a right and a wrong product for you! Over the course of your service, you will learn what is right for you.



FIRST TIME CLIENTS - During your consultation we will determine your skin care goals and the best treatment plan to properly address them. This one hour service includes a petite facial treatment, skin sensitivity test and a customized product recommendation. Product regimen ranges between $90 - $150.


Custom Blend Treatment : Level 1

(All skin types )

Fully customized treatment includes any of the following modalities deemed appropriate : enzyme exfoliation, ultrasonic exfoliation, dermafiling, high frequency, LED therapy, ultrasonic infusion, peptide infusion, biocellulose mask or hydrating mask.

75 mins/ $85


 Dermaplane Deluxe

(All skin types excluding oily or acneic)

Dermaplaning is a non invasive and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermal tissue and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair.  Comparative to microdermabrasion in theory, but without the use of suction or abrasive crystals.  Dermaplaning is perfect for improving overall texture, diminshing light surface wrinkles, acne scarring and superficial hyperpigmentation with monthly services. Following dermaplaning, an enzyme treatment mask is massaged in to the skin to further dissolve and exfoliate skin cells. Extractions are performed if needed followed by a light, relaxing massage. Skin is left silky smooth and makeup application appears air brushed! Recommended every 4-6 weeks.

60 mins/$85