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SkinClarity Acne Program


Dealing with acne can feel like an uphill battle, then just when you think you’ve figured out what works, you break out again. Sometimes savvy self-care demands expert support - you need an acne expert to guide you on your path to clear skin. Whether it be cystic, or fungal, cosmetic or stress driven, Skin Junkie has a solution for your challenge. The acne clearing program focuses on identifying your acne type as well as certain triggers and dietary/lifestyle choices that may exacerbate your breakouts. Together, we will develop a customized treatment plan to help you achieve healthy, clear skin once and for all.

How It Works



During your first visit, we will assess your skin type, acne type and skin tolerance. Upon analysis, the correct home care regimen and treatments you will need will be determined.


The correct products are crucial to your success in this program. When used correctly, your regimen will last approximately 3 months. Products will need to be replenished as you run out in order to maintain clear skin.


Bi-weekly peels and extractions will be administered to accelerate the acne clearing process in conjunction with your customized home care regimen.





Acne Consultation + Treatment | $125
Acne Consultation | $90

*** Products are not included in the price of the consultation. Expect to pay between $175 - $200 on your products and when used correctly, should last for 3 months.

Peel Packages

Peel packages include peel, extractions, high frequency and LED therapy

Peel Package of 3 | $255
Peel Package of 6 | $459
Peel Package of 8 | $578

Maintenance Treatments

Acne Peel Maintenance Treatment | $85
Includes peel, extractions, high frequency and LED therapy

*** Single treatments are not available to clients who have not participated in the Skin Junkie Acne Program


Your Commitment

Here are a few things you must do to get the best results out of the SkinClarity Program.

  • Use home care twice daily (morning & night).

  • Bi-weekly appointments to administer acne peel and make regimen adjustments until you are clear. Failing to do so will result in stalling of the clearing process.

  • Follow home care adjustments to boost your regimen as your skin adapts to products.

  • Make lifestyle adjustments to reduce or eliminate acne aggravating foods, medications and cosmetics or hair care products.