Meet Cherish

Licensed Esthetician, Acne Specialist, Skin Transformationalist, Educator, Owner of Skin Junkie.

About Skin Junkie

Since opening Skin Junkie’s doors, owner Cherish Flickinger has sought to help every client who passes through them achieve stronger, healthier skin they love.

Far more than a professional that simply enjoys her job, Cherish lives her job. Her reading materials, skin -centric. Her free time commitment outside of family? A class on advanced physiology with and industry leader. Ingredient deck translation? She explains it in a way that anyone can understand.

Wondering what to seek out in a licensed skincare professional? Look no further. It’s easy to find a ‘spa’ but it’s another thing to find an expert whose goal is collaboration in order to reach a common goal – your healthier skin.

Every professional treatment at Skin Junkie begins with a detailed consult. Why?

Because your skin is not static.

Our skin responds to temperature, seasonal assault, heat and cold and the ingredients introduced to it on a daily basis. The skin I see one week in mid-winter is unlikely to be the skin I see in the heat of summer, if you’ve added a prescription, or even lost a few pounds!

Even professionals fortunate enough to go to a job they love every day need an occasional break. When she’s not in the treatment room, Cherish might be found taking a family break amongst the rolling watercolor landscape of her favorite place in the world, the Appalachian mountains. That, or decompressing with a restorative massage.

 Cherish’s Do’s and Don’ts

Want a sneak peek into the brain of what a dedicated skin professional really thinks about optimal skin health and how to get it? Check out Cherish’s 3 favorite do’s and don’ts.


Wear sunscreen. If this isn’t a top tip from your current pro, you’re missing an easy way to slow extrinsic aging.


Self-diagnose or shop for skincare via random blog recommendations. Just because someone loves skincare doesn’t mean they’ve mastered physiology.


Get a massage – Gua Sha facial therapy, for example, is a phenomenal way to keep lymph flowing smoothly, which in turn keeps skin bright and youthful.