Advanced Skin Therapies 

Aging is an inevitable life force, but with the right combination of home care and professional treatments you can slow both intrinsic and extrinsic aging. Skin Junkie's state of the art modalities focus on treating skin at a cellular level to increase collagen production and improve cellular health. A progressive, rather than aggressive approach to optimal skin health is the foundation of Skin Junkie's customized treatments. Each person is unique; so is the treatment designed for each client’s desired outcome.


$115 | 90 Minutes

Professional treatment is a fantastic advantage yet it requires the support and twice daily maintenance of home care to preserve the work we do in the treatment room. We’ll identify what you need and why as well as what your products do and how to use them.

Skin Junkie stands firm in the belief that holism and healthy skin are synonymous. To achieve healthy skin that functions as intended, multiple health components demand investigation - this detailed consult will help you put all the pieces together.

***Please expect to pay $150 - $200 for your home care regimen.***

This 90 minute session includes 45 to 60 minutes of actual hands on treatment depending on your skin condition. Extremely impaired skin may demand less manipulation. If skin change and a new product regimen is your goal, this is the place to start.


$90 | 60 minutes

It’s not uncommon for skin to suffer the consequences of DIY over treatment or to be in need of deep nourishment. This customized, revitalizing barrier repair treatment utilizes a blend of potent, natural enzymes and therapeutic masks to stabilize skin’s hydration levels and restore barrier function. Combined with tension melting facial massage and innovative modalities, this treatment delivers balance to mind, body and skin.


$150 | 90 Minutes

A performance driven esthetic procedure offering Skin Junkie’s most advanced skin therapies that delivers visible results upon one treatment. Depending on your desired focus and my expertise, we will customize the perfect treatment to address your current concerns.

*** Consult is required before booking this treatment.


$190 | 105 minutes

Balancing the perfect harmony between tension melting facial massage, therapeutic touch and innovative modalities, this treatment replenishes your skin with nutrients and antioxidants, revitalizes your glow and strengthens underlying tissues to provide firming, toning defense against the signs of aging.

Check out why technology matters in your skin rejuvenation process.

*** Consult is required before booking this treatment.


$150 | 60 minutes

A unique and different approach to harsh peeling and laser procedures, this cutting-edge treatment produces the same results WITHOUT the pain or downtime associated with aesthetic equipment. FCR activates cell regeneration cycle and stimulates collagen remodeling. It works through a mechanical action of gentle rubbing techniques that penetrate 200nm micro fractionated prickles from mineral rich coral in to the skin. FCR is extremely effective at lifting hyperpigmentaton due to sun damage and melasma, reversing acne scarring by resurfacing the texture of the skin and improving pore size dramatically. Exclusively available at Skin Junkie! *Discontinue use of all actives (retinol, salicylic, glycolic, etc) 3 days prior to treatment. It is imperative that you avoid direct sunlight for 48 hours post treatment. Avoid getting the skin wet, sauna, steam room, and vigorous exercise for 12 hours post treatment).

*** Consult is required before booking this treatment.


$125 | 60 minutes

Sometimes referred to as the “inside out” glow, Gua Sha makes your skin look like it took a vacation, even if you weren’t invited. Facial Gua Sha uses light strokes and a super light pore safe oil to gently move stagnant fluid from skin tissue. Following the bodies meridian lines, fascia is warmed and relaxed, puffiness begins to diffuse, clogged pores are physically encouraged to release congestion, skin begins to take on a youthful flush.

*** Consult is required before booking this treatment.


$125 | 60 minutes

Ideal for early aging, dullness, dehydration, lackluster tone, fine lines and wrinkles. Skin in need of firming loves Rezenerate, Skin Junkie's #1 treatment! The true beauty of Rezenerate’s nanotechnology is in what you can’t see. By its very definition, "nano" means too small to be seen with the human eye.

Rezenerate technology harnesses this brand new state-of-the-art technology and utilizes it in a way no other skin care technique can to build and reproduce collagen. Permeations created by this cosmetic tool are so tiny, they actually pierce the skin cell walls without damage and create pathways for nutrients. Skin is literally nourished directly at a cellular level! With continued treatment, skin will not only look and feel better, it will actually BE healthier.

*** Consult is required before booking this treatment.