Skin Junkie Acne Expertise vs. Prescription Medicine


Regularly monitored care

With Skin Junkie

  • Steady, regularly scheduled hands on, in person attention

  • You receive a minimum of 50 minutes per treatment in which your concerns are addressed

  • Your product usage is evaluated and changed as necessary

  • Professional strength products are applied to address your skin changes, week by week.

With Prescription Medicine

  • Dermatology appointments are difficult to obtain, short in length and generally undetailed.

  • A problem is presented, a prescription is written and your time is up.

  • No product, or inappropriate home care product is recommended.

Product acclimation

With Skin Junkie

From lifestyle, diet, allergies and health history an entire system of maintenance is customized for you based on your skin type, acne type and current skin condition. Constant maintenance is critical to strengthening and healing your skin and changes will be made as needed, as frequently as needed. Your skin will be treated as a whole system to keep you comfortable and safe.

With Prescription Medicine

A powerful prescription is written, BUT……maybe it works for you, too often it doesn’t. In the meanwhile, common side effects are peeling, burning, extreme dryness, hypersensitivity and potentially dangerous internal side effects that require additional medical care.



With Prescription Medicine

  • Frequently temporary

  • Expensive

  • Prescription medication side effects may be extreme, triggering additional skin issues.

With Skin Junkie

A 90% success rate in clearing and maintaining cleared skin. The 10% is comprised of clients who did not fully comply with program conditions and protocols.


With Skin Junkie

Your acne expert is a phone call, a quick troubleshooting visit and a quick product adjustment away. Your continued healing and comfort is paramount.

With Prescription Medicine

  • Dermatologist appointments can take weeks or even months to secure.

  • Little to no troubleshooting


Acne FAQ’s

What EXACTLY is acne anyway?

Acne is a genetic disease that causes the pilosebaceous unit (hair follicle+oil gland), to malfunction. We all have 3 types of skin follicles in our skin – vellus, sebaceous and terminal – the sebaceous follicle, found only in the face, upper arms, chest and upper back, are responsible for acne breakouts.  Plain English? Acne is plugged, inflamed pores (blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, cysts and nodules) that develop on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and even upper arms.


1. We understand that picking can be an automatic compulsion, but do your best to fight it. Picking accomplishes 3 things.

  • Introduces dirt and bacteria to an already compromised, inflamed follicle

  • Slows or even prohibits healing

  • Guarantees scarring

2. Ice your breakouts. Just briefly, 2-3 times per day. Icing accomplishes 3 things.

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Soothes cystic acne discomfort and excess heat

  • Shortens life of breakouts by enhancing topical product penetration

I can’t decipher what causes my breakouts, is there a way to control them?

Determining triggers and contributory factors unique to your skin health is huge. What worsens your individual condition may not be a weakness for someone else, which makes partnering with a professional who works one on one with you all the more important and valuable.

Common acne trigger factors and healing roadblocks include:

  • Heredity

  • Chronic stress and the resulting rise in systemic cortisol

  • Comedogenic ingredients in cosmetics

  • Certain prescription medications

  • Imbalanced hormones

  • Friction

  • Picking

  • Industrial chemical contact

Your #1 control measure is:

Committing 100% to the professionally recommended home care and keeping your professional treatment appointments. Nothing matters more than conscientious maintenance.

I’ve tried everything, what’s so special about the methods Skin Junkie uses to manage acne?

We understand that you may have tried more than one program that left you clear, followed by leaving you disappointed. No matter whether you have adolescent, persistent or late onset acne, the cycle can end here.

Why can’t I just pick up some product and do this by myself?

You absolutely have a major role in clearing your skin – this is a partnership. Your role is following homecare instruction to the letter, my role is confirming a course of treatment, monitoring your progress, providing professional strength treatments in here at the spa and customizing your regimen week by week. Changing active ingredient strength in your homecare regimen to address your healing skin will be critical to stay on top of the healing process.

I’m not a teenager, why am I still breaking out??

Hormonal imbalance and genetic pore dysfunction affects individuals of all ages. The American Dermatologist Association has found that over 60 million Americans have active acne, mild or severe – over half of this estimate is women over age 25. While acne does not discriminate by age, race or gender, the accompanying side effects are different as an adult. Redness, increased sensitivity and lingering post inflammatory hyperpigmentation can be more extreme and last longer.

Can you help me with old acne scarring?

We can absolutely lighten and brighten post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from old breakouts and help prevent scarring from current breakouts. Depending on the severity and type of scarring we may be able to offer additional therapies or make an outside referral.

What role does diet play in acneic skin conditions?

The healthier you eat, the more efficiently your body as a whole will function. By all means, enjoy a cheeseburger or your favorite treat, but bear in mind that everything in moderation is key. Plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, a high quality essential fatty acid supplement, monitoring sugar intake and avoiding foods that are proven to trigger acne is vital. Diet and habits that may be acne triggers will be discussed during your consultation.